About Us

ASTERI Lighting is an efficient platform, providing excellence through simplicity and honesty.

Asteri: As-teh-ree / (N) / Greek / 1. Star. 2. Heavenly Body

“Asteri is like a breath of fresh air in the convoluted lighting industry.”

The product is simple. Purchasing and installation are a breeze. Pricing is published. The installer can configure lengths on the fly. Material is immediately available for purchase and quick-ship.

Asteri bolsters saving on not having to ‘re-invent the wheel’ on each project with field- configurable kits and bulk packaging.

Asteri Lighting provides world class results at a lower price point, while revolutionizing both the procurement process for home and business owners as well as the installation process for their busy contractors.

Patented design innovations by Asteri allow electricians to safely configure fully-featured, specification grade, custom linear lighting systems while eliminating the requirement for costly custom factory orders and associated delays, mistakes and failures in the field.

Asteri products are designed and engineered by the same people that brought you
Aion LED
, the tried and true original American spec grade LED tape/ extrusion company.

Thank you for choosing Asteri Lighting!